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Mediso Privacy practices on the web

Mediso Ltd. respects the privacy and protection of personal data, and takes its responsibilities regarding the security of customer information very seriously. Personal data and data for public interest is used and compiled by Mediso Ltd. (1022 Budapest, Alsótörökvész 14.) according the rules and regulations concerning data protection and the recommendations of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection in Hungary.

In general, you can visit us on the internet without telling us who you are or giving us personal information. There are times when we may need information from you, for instance: to process an order, to correspond, to provide a subscription or in connection with a job application. We may supplement this information to complete a transaction or to provide a better service.

The types of personal data we collect may include details of your name, address, e-mail address. The data is disclosed by the user on an expressly voluntary basis. Any personally related data in the Mediso Internet services is acquired, processed and used in accordance with the valid regulations for the protection of personal data and solely for the purposes outlined at the point of registration. If, at a later point in time, you request us to delete your data, you can inform us any time and we shall act accordingly.

If we acquire personal data that is submitted involuntarily, we shall not store, compile or transmit it.

Your personal data will be used only for the purpose for which you have given it to us. We shall only keep your information for as long as we are either required to by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

Transmission of personal data only takes place within the scope of imperative legal provisions.

Personal data or customer information shall be released only in statistically compiled form.

Mediso Ltd. shall protect your personal data using the appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful disclosure or access.

When you visit our website, it is standard procedure that our web server stores your IP address, URL, date and duration of your visit, details as to which of our web sites you are visiting as well as the browser type. Mediso Ltd. shall use this data only for the purposes of analyzing our website, following trends and statistics, and shall delete such data after it has been processed. This takes place completely anonymously without any reference to your personal data.

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