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Preclinical Products

nanoScan - the four modality in vivo molecular imaging platform

Members of the nanoScan® Family combine the industry’s highest performing microscopy level of NM imaging supported by excellent MRI and CT performance.

The ultimate versatility and in-line combinations of the systems are based on common software, common animal handling platform and easy on-site upgrade possibility, thus fulfil all demands of your growing and long term research requirements.


With the nanoScan® Family Mediso designed a platform that can satisfy the increasing needs of any research institute with shared components and flexible upgrade possibilities. Exclusive features only from Mediso nanoScan® Family:

- Two MRI and two CT based bimodal solutions
- Highest visible resolution in NM modalities: 275 µm SPECT and 700 µm PET
- Highest PET and SPECT quantification accuracy: over 97% in both modalities
- Dynamic list mode acquisition for both PET and SPECT
- Fulfil low to high budget requirements with continuous on-site upgrade path
- Worldwide exclusive factory support through equipment lifetime (guaranteed for more than 10 years for all systems including NanoSPECT/CT and NanoPET/CT)



nanoScan SPECT/CT

nanoScan PET/CT

nanoScan SPECT/MRI

nanoScan PET/MRI


Continuous upgrade path for the users:

For imaging facilities already using the world market leader NanoSPECT/CT® system (manufactured by Mediso) the nanoScan® Family with the newest and most advanced technology are unique opportunities to upgrade onto the next level of multi-modality imaging.


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