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Reference Center

Mediso clinical and pre-clinical equipment can be found in over 800 locations in over 81 countries. For the list of applications please contact us.

ScanoMed Nuclear Medicine Centers

Mediso operates two PET CT and nuclear medicine centers, one in the University of Debrecen, the other in Budapest, all by the name of ScanoMed. The strong university and clinical background gives Mediso a fist-hand clinical experience and important application feedback.

ScanoMed continuously develops the applied technology and methods, and provides for the regular education and training of its personnel. As a member of MEDISO Group, ScanoMed provides state-of-the-art examinations in Budapest and Debrecen, and also isotope diagnostics and therapy in Debrecen, where one of Hungary’s largest conventional nuclear medical centers is located. Our company has a set of world-class imaging diagnostic equipment, a comprehensive range of nuclear medical examination options, as well as well trained professionals for the domestic treatment and preventive care.

The Budapest branch of the company performs oncologic PET-CT examinations at the National Institute of Neurosurgery. The center of ScanoMed Ltd. in Debrecen is the largest nuclear medical diagnostic unit in Hungary, where conventional nuclear medical technologies and recently developed hybrid imaging technologies can be found in unique integration. With the completion of the in-patient division with eight beds in the center, there will soon be an opportunity for the isotope therapy of malignant diseases and the treatment of inflammatory articular diseases that are hard to cure otherwise. In order to meet the existing demands, ScanoMed Ltd. has set up a quality management system in conformance to the relevant requirements of Standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, and this system is assessed, evaluated and improved continuously.

Education and research

The ScanoMed Ltd’s center in Debrecen also has educational functions within the framework of graduate and postgraduate training. The students and participants of the training sessions are given not only high-standard academic education by the professional tutors of ScanoMed Ltd. and the University of Debrecen, but in the course of practical training they become experienced in the field of nuclear medicine from the planning and implementation of patient examination through the making of medical findings to quality assurance. ScanoMed Ltd. as educational center was accredited by the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2009 and by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) in 2010.

In both centers, i.e. Budapest and In Debrecen, ScanoMed Ltd. continuously participates in clinical research trials in cooperation with several national and academic institutes, clinics and hospitals. Our jointly obtained common results are presented and published at domestic and international conferences, journals. We support young researchers within and beyond the borders with research projects, tutors and scholarships. We continuously take part in the human phase trials of drugs in collaboration with domestic and international drug research companies.

Demonstration, training and application development

The facility in Debrecen also serves as a demonstration and training center for the following Mediso systems:

  • AnyScan® SC SPECT-CT
  • AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET
  • Nucline™ AP, for lung and kidney examinations
  • Nucline™ TH, for thyroid gland examinations
  • Nucline™ X-Ring/4R, four-head SPECT for brain and eye examinations
  • 3 two-head SPECTs
  • Nucline™ Cardio-C, and Nucline™ Cardio-Desk for heart examinations
  • Nucline™ SPIRIT DH-V for whole body and SPECT examinations

With the close relationship with ScanoMed, Mediso keeps receiving an extremely valuable feedback on the performance of the systems from both doctors and operators.


Center in Budapest

Location: 1145 Budapest, Laky Adolf utca 44-46.
Phone: +36-1-4223880

Center in Debrecen

Location: 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98.
Phone: +36-52-255870

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