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C.S. & Trademarks

Conformance Statement

Quality management system operated by Mediso Medical Imaging Systems complies with Council Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II.

Product design, development, production and services comply with EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 14971.

Safety labels are attached to appropriate places on equipment and appear in all operation manuals.

The supplied software complies with DICOM standard.

The technical information provided here is not a detailed specification.

For details and up to date information please contact your local distributor or Mediso Medical Imaging Systems.



Nucline™, InterView™FUSION, Tera-Tomo™ 3D, M3pinhole™, MultiCell™, PrepaCell™ are trademarks of MEDISO Medical Imaging Systems.

AnyScan® and nanoScan® are registered trademarks of MEDISO Medical Imaging Systems. 

NanoPET™/CT is trademark, NanoSPECT/CT® is registered trademark of Bioscan.

The upgrade is carried out solely by Mediso and is not sponsored or otherwise supported by Bioscan, Inc.




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