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The only triple-detector SPECT/CT for high-end clinical and research applications with parallel hole and multi-pinhole collimation

AnyScan TRIO® SPECT/CT imaging system to realize perfect SPECT resolution and excellent image quality without any compromise. The unique triple head detector design enables detailed imaging by applying a reduced acquisition time. The system becomes a perfect nuclear medicine multimodality equipment with the supplement CT subsystem. With the addition of multipinhole collimation, the AnyScan TRIO® system breaks further boundaries in molecular imaging.

Features & Benefits

Optimized Time-Quality-Dose

Nuclear Medicine clinical practice requires high-throughput imaging systems that allow a significant reduction in acquisition times without degrading image quality. This is a legitimate request and our answer is the AnyScan TRIO® SPECT/CT multimodality imaging system.

  • Decrease Acquisition Time: The average acquisition time can be reduced to a quarter. A whole body bone SPECT/CT scan can be implemented in less than 20 minutes. The shorter acquisition time helps to improve patient comfort and decrease the chance of motion artefacts.
  • Maximize Image Quality: Improve diagnostic accuracy and confidence. Significantly higher system resolution and two times better contrast to noise ratio become available compared to the conventional two detector head SPECT systems.
  • Reduce Administered Activity: Minimize patient dose and reduce the exposure of the administrator. The smaller amount of applied tracers can dynamically reduce the average radiotracer cost.

Dedicated Brain imaging with SPECT Multi-PinHole technology in clinical routine & research applications

Neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease is of paramount importance in nuclear medicine thus Mediso introduces dedicated Brain SPECT multipinhole apertures and matching iterative reconstruction.

  • The main application is the brain imaging where a PET-like image resolution could finally be realized
  • High resolution brain imaging. One aperture for Alzheimer, Parkinson, Epilepsy
  • Shorter acquisition time with usual patient dosage allows 10 minute patient examinations

Dedicated Cardiac procedures with Multi-PinHole aperture

  • Improved heart acquisition methods with extreme high sensitivity and high resolution outcome
  • Even 2 minutes long cardio acquisition is possible in a special stationary collection
  • Lateral movement of the patient table helps to centralize the heart

High quality CT subsystem

The flexible AnyScan® SPECT system is supplemented by a 16-slice, low dose CT which results in a high resolution image. The detailed CT images help to localize anatomical aberrations and disorders accurately and give an exact input to SPECT acquisition planning. Attenuation correction from the CT image and our special Tera-Tomo™ 3D CT engine ensures sharp, detailed images. Metal artifact correction function is available in CT reconstruction to reduce image artifacts caused by high attenuated orthopedic implants (e.g hip, knee, shoulder).

Scalable Detector performance for research & routine imaging

  • 94(*3) / 123(*3) PMT, high resolution Xtreme Edition Detectors for multipinhole and parallel hole collimators for research and high energy theranostic imaging
  • Up to 3.0 mm resolution

Theranostic imaging with 15.9 mm crystal high resolution detector

  • Theranostic imaging combined with therapy, is a rapidly growing application in cancer molecular imaging
  • To comply with the emerging sophisticated therapy need from clinical side, Mediso offers special detector perfect for theranostic imaging
  • Improved image quality for treatment purposes
  • Support of therapeutic isotopes such as I-131, Y-90, Lu-177.
  • Quantitative imaging





MPH apertures
PET-like resolution
Up to 3 mm system resolution achievable
MPH apertures
Brain, Cardiac, other organ specific
Fast workflow
Max. 20-min WB SPECT with CT
Head positions
120°, 180°, 90° or dedicated cardiac position (75°)
Count rate
Up to 650 kcps
Number of physical slices
Diagnostic CT
Submillimeter: 0.625 mm
Rotation speed
0.5 - 2 sec
Bore size
70 cm
Tube current
10 - 440 mA
Anode heat capacity
7.5 MHU
Brain, Cardiac, other organ specific
Cardiac MPH
360° rotational or 75° stationary for heart examinations
Brain MPH
360° rotational for brain studies and for dedicated neurodegenerative examinations such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), Epilepsy (PWE)
General acquisition, device control
Nucline™ with all protocol sets
General processing
InterView™ XP
Evaluation software
InterView™ FUSION
Advanced cardiology
INVIA's 4DM for SPECT, Emory Cardiac Toolbox, or Cedars Sinai modules
Advanced neurology
Syntermed - NeuroQ package (Emory), Segami - Neurogam, Shina - 3Di

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