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AnyScan® S

Flexible system for all routine SPECT, Whole Body & planar examinations

Starting camera for your nuclear medicine department with onsite upgrade possibilities of CT and PET modalities. AnyScan® S camera is your cost-effective solution for basic NM examinations. Moreover, due to its flexible detector configuration, special studies can be performed quickly and easily with precise positioning and intuitive system use. The camera has an integrated acquisition system with guided protocol sets.

Features & Benefits

Flexible detector configurations

  • 180°, 102° or 90° relative angle detector positions
  • 540° gantry rotation
  • Acquisition in PA and AP positions with standing patient at the same time
  • Examination of patient sitting on wheelchair or sitting on a chair between the detectors or on the side with the detector surface pointing to the outside
  • Acquisition on gurney in supine and semi-supine position
  • Cardiac acquisition with online body-contouring

Wide selection of collimators

  • Mediso offers the widest selection of collimator types in the industry
  • Large number of low energy collimators providing highest sensitivity or highest resolution
  • Best trade-off performance between resolution and sensitivity

Half-time / Half-dose imaging

Applied Tera-Tomo™ 2D and 3D image reconstruction offers activity reduction for your clinic while maintaining similar image quality. Depending on the clinician local preference, shorter acquisition time, or much reduced injected dose is possible with our Tera-Tomo™ engine.

Outstanding NEMA performance

  • HP (High Performance) and UHP (Ultra High Performance) detectors guarantee high resolution SPECT images with industry standard NEMA measurements
  • Next to the excellent intrinsic parameters, best system performance is ensured
  • The correct choice of the collimator ensures the best trade-off between sensitivity and resolution.

Intuitive Acquisition System

  • The Nucline™ acquisition software ensures intuitive and fast image acquisition workflow in the everyday routine environment
  • Protocols may be customized while Nucline™ offers default solutions
  • Pre-defined factory settings for all NM examination types
  • User interface available from touchscreen and from control room
  • User friendly software
  • Unlimited options of advanced functions to customize your system
  • Parallel workflow during patient scan

Fast collimator exchange

  • Software guided, fast dual collimator exchange method in a space saving upright position
  • Simultaneous exchange of both collimators, same sequence for all collimator types - even for High Energy
  • Easy steps for the operator, guided from the Nucline™ acquisition software.



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