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All-in-one solution in both research and routine environment made for NM laboratories.

AnyScan TRIO® SPECT/CT/PET is a unique solution to integrate triple modality imaging system to your NM department in just one room. This system is ideal for your advanced clinical environment, and for further research applications. The multipinhole SPECT technology and the high quality LYSO crystal-based PET offer unparalleled possibilities in the NM world with the addition of our diagnostic CT. Saving space, time and cost with AnyScan TRIO® system prove to offer more potential to your clinic.

Features & Benefits

All NM modalities in one system

  • Dedicated for NM department
  • SPECT/CT and PET/CT investigation using one common diagnostic CT modality
  • No switching time
  • Ideal for small clinics or hospitals with one multimodality imaging room

PET subsystem with Time of Flight PMTs

  • LYSO crystal based PET to extend to possibilities of your hybrid NM system
  • For all standard Oncology application
  • Unique solution integrated to your SPECT/CT imaging system

Fast SPECT/CT workflow

PET-like approach, achieving less than 20-minute Whole Body SPECT/CT image acquisition, with the help of:

  • Triple detector system
  • LEHR-HS collimators
  • Continuous scan, advanced acquisition compared to Step'n'Shoot method
  • Tera-Tomo 3D SPECT resolution recovery reconstruction software

3D Imaging Bed

  • Possible lateral movements that facilitates imaging of organs with asymmetric localization
  • Precise positioning especially designed for Multi-PinHole Cardiac acquisition
  • Patient table with wide scanning range

List Mode Acquisition

At research sites, it is frequently required to further optimize scans with different acquisition settings. With the help of List Mode, most SPECT scanning parameters can be altered even after an acquisition was finished.




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