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nanoScan® PET/MRI 3T and 7T

Full-scale, quantitative PET combined with a robust, cryogen-free MRI.

The new nanoScan® systems follow the footsteps of the first ever commercially available integrated preclinical PET/MRI system introduced by Mediso in 2011. The new nanoScan PET/MRI systems are now equipped with both high-end PET with simultaneous capability and state of the art superconducting MRI subsystems.

The in-line PET subsystem features real dynamic scanning with the best count rate performance and highest resolution on the market, designed for quantitative imaging of mice, rats and even larger animals. When complemented with the PET Insert the system covers every possible application in molecular imaging.

The MRI subsystems equipped with robust cryogen-free superconducting translational 3T and ultra-high field 7T magnets enable high-end in-vivo imaging applications.

Features & Benefits

Dual PET Configuration

Simultaneous or Sequential? The dual PET configuration offers the best performance for all PET/MRI studies

  • Full-scale PET-ring on the front guarantees unlimited quantitative imaging regardless the amount of radioactivity, acquisition time or animal size.
  • SiPM-based PET insert ensures simultaneous PET/MRI studies without any interference between the PET and MRI readout.

In-line, highest-resolution, large diameter PET-subsystem with widest dynamic range

  • Well-established, high performance, market leading PET-subsystem identical with the one used in the nanoScan PET/CT-s 
  • Finest LYSO crystal needles in a large diameter ring and statistical depth of interaction compensation offers highest resolution and homogeneous image quality over the entire field of view
  • Bore size and transaxial-field-of-view enabling scanning of larger rats or multiple mice in both PET and MRI
  • Best on the market minimal detectable activity: 60Bq
  • Inherently optimized for longitudinal studies e.g. long-term cell tacking
  • Fully quantitative up to 60 MBq and beyond
  • Optimal for imaging of isotopes with short half-life (e.g. 11C, 13N, 15O etc.)


PET insert offering simultaneous multiparametric imaging

Due to the high level of integration the nanoScan® PET insert offers uncompromised image quality while giving access to a unique way of hibrid imaging by obtaining information from functional, metabolic and physiological processes in a simultaneous manner.  

  • Simultaneous imaging of total body mouse and rat brain
  • Providing high resolution and homogeneous image quality over the entire field of view as a result of using the finest LYSO crystal needles and statistical depth of interaction compensation
  • Removable, allowing access to the full-bore of the MRI and also making benchtop measurements possible
  • Available as an upgrade for existing PET/MRI 3T, 7T and MRI 3T, 7T installations or as a standalone system

Perfect Integration of PET and MRI

Complete PET/MRI workflow

  • Innovative gantry design enables perfect animal positioning resulting in accurate co-registered images
  • Using the rotatable touchscreen it is possible to start dynamic PET or MRI measurements right from the scanner opening. The same touchscreen can be used for easy tuning and matching of Tx/Rx volume coils.
  • The software suite developed by Mediso offers a complete pipeline from image acquisition, attennuation correction and reconstuction to image fusion and analasys without the need of thrid party softwares.

Ultra low attenuation Brain imaging coils

  • We designed our brain array coils with special care to achieve the lowest possible attenuation at 511KeV.
  • Using the 2ch phased array coil excellent contrast can be achieved in the brain region with uncompromised PET performance.

Robust cryogen-free magnet

The core of the nanoScan® MRI systems is the most robust cryogen-free superconducting magnet ever built for preclinical applications. Uniquely on the market it features a back mounted cryocooler to reduce conducted vibrations and make maintenance easier.

  • The system uses a high-end pulse tube type cryocooler to further minimize vibrations inside the cryostat and therefore deliver ghost free EPI images.
  • Its base is a NbTi solenoid with multiple corresponding coils to maximize homogeneity and shielding thus reaching state-of-the-art homogeneity of ±0.1 ppm @ 50 mm DSV and negligible fringe field outside the cryostat.
  • The magnet uses conduction cooling to reach superconducting temperatures therefore the magnet is 100% cryogen-free.
  • The warm bore tube and other electrically conductive cylindrical parts of the magnet were designed in a way to minimize the residual eddy-currents after strong gradient pulses this way achieving high quality DWI images.



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