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nanoScan® MRI 3T/7T

High-end MRI with the most robust cryogen-free superconducting magnet on the market

The nanoScan® MRI systems are equipped with a state-of-the-art cryogen-free superconducting magnet. Thanks to its translational 3T and ultra-high 7T field, the system enables high-end in vivo imaging applications of small animals while having very low installation and maintenance requirements. Uniquely on the preclinical market, the Pulse Tube cryocooler is mounted on the back of the scanner to minimize vibrations thus delivering ghost-free EPI images. The system is particularly adapted for high-end MRI experiments such as neuroimaging or spectroscopy.

The MRI systems are also available in a combination with nanoScan® PET as high-end PET/MRI systems.

Features & Benefits

Reduced EPI ghost due to low-vibration magnet design

The core of the nanoScan® MRI systems is the most robust cryogen-free superconducting magnet ever built for preclinical applications. Uniquely on the market it features a back mounted cryocooler to significantly reduce conducted vibrations and to make maintenance easier.

  • The magnet uses conduction cooling to reach superconducting temperatures therefore the magnet is 100% cryogen-free.
  • The system uses a high-end pulse tube type cryocooler mounted to the back of the magnet to further minimize vibrations inside the cryostat and therefore deliver ghost free EPI images.
  • It’s base is a NbTi solenoid with multiple corresponding coils to maximize homogeneity and shielding thus reaching state-of-the-art homogeneity of ±0.1 ppm @ 50 mm DSV and negligible fringe field outside the cryostat.
  • The warm bore tube and other electrically conductive cylindrical parts of the magnet were designed in a way to minimize the residual eddy current after strong gradient pulses, this way achieving high quality DWI images.

Extended Pulse Sequence library for every application

The nanoScan® MRI systems come with an extensive range of readily optimized protocols for mice and rats including the most common MRI techniques as well as state-of-the art pulse sequences and methods, including parallel imaging (GRAPPA), ultra short TE sequences such as UTE or ZTE with multiple readout techniques as well as a number of different Spectroscopy sequences (i.e. PRESS, STEAM, LASER, EPSI etc.) and an extensive EPI family with a wide range of options and correction schemes making fMRI and DTI applications effortless to execute.

Achieving perfect SNR in every region with wide range of RF coils

Mediso offers a wide range of highly shielded, low noise RF coils, which are fully integrated with the MultiCell™ system enabling precise animal positioning in relation to the coils, thus delivering the best possible SNR.

  • Transmit/receive volume coils for total body imaging of up to obese rats or marmosets
  • Flexible surface coils of various diameters delivering excellent image quality and enhanced SNR
  • Phased array coils with multiple receiver channels, for brain or abdomen, enabling parallel imaging
  • X-nuclei coils, both dual tuned volume or receive only surface coils for a wide range of nuclei including 13C, 19F, 31P, 23Na, 2H, 15N and more

Have 100% control over your MRI scans with the Sequence development platform

The Sequence Development Platform enables you to create your own sequences or modify the existing ones. With the intuitive GUI, programming and testing a new sequence is very easy and straightforward. A built-in tool helps you to test out various, freely customizable reconstruction and post-processing algorithms and adding new ones.

  • RF and gradient pulse visualization
  • Customizable JAVA based code for calculations and timing
  • Intuitive parameter management
  • Ability to define unique acquisition schemes
  • Interactive pulse diagram visualization
  • Pre-defined and custom reconstruction and post processing algorithms
  • User defined Python and Matlab scripts are executable as a simple and fluid reconstruction step
  • K-space visualization

Safe operation with the SmartMagnet™ technology

The proprietary SmartMagnet™ system ensures safe and robust operation of the superconducting magnet when facing power outages or non-ideal cooling conditions. The system features:

  • Active quench protection
  • Low-consumption Idle mode operation when the system is not in use
  • Continuous monitoring of system parameters



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